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Have you noticed the state of fear the general population lives in daily and how gene editing could easily be used against us? Most people are waiting for the next shoe to drop. People smile very little, laugh even less and get highly upset over trivial matters.

Fear has been skillfully used to transform mankind, while eliminating the pure-bloods from earth, yet most steeped in fear can’t speak loudly the truth without being banned, shunned, slandered or worse. Truthers speaking loudly, His Truth, are usually hated, despised and that’s okay. Remember, “To live is Christ; to die is profit!”

Many place job & money above speaking loudly the truth and the nations children are the real victims in this genocide, designed for many decades. Who will stand and speak loudly as many have been warned not to do as the woke-libtards continue to rule with pagan humanism.

Everything is a big thing and big things are incomprehensible to most. Daily, we see and hear folks falling out over the most silly and trifling things more so now than at any time in life. It is as if they all know what’s coming but no one wants to say it out loud. Jesus didn’t have that problem, nor should we.

The true Christian is the end time watchmen and should be blowing our trumpets loudly, but it seems as if even the watchmen are in a daze and a fearful state at what they see coming upon the earth. There are consequences for the watchman who does not warn, it requires he be held accountable for the blood of those whom he did not warn! 


A zombie apocalypse may sound far-fetched, reserved for the annals of graphic novels, immersive gaming experiences and popular culture. But there are examples of “zombification” in nature. Perhaps the most well known is rabies, which can cause aggression and hallucination and is almost always fatal once symptoms appear.

This raises some scary thoughts. What if the threat wasn’t CV19™, but a gene-edited pathogen designed to turn the injected into zombies, ghost-like, agitated creatures with little awareness of our surroundings? With recent advances in gene editing, it may be possible for bio-terrorists to design viruses capable of altering our behavior, spreading such a disease and ultimately killing us. And chances are we still wouldn’t be sufficiently prepared to deal with it.

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry recognised the development of a type of genetic scissors called CRISPR-Cas9. Interest in this technology has been simmering for a while, with equal doses of excitement and fear. Because of its ability to edit the human genome with unprecedented precision, replacing a single letter in the DNA, CRISPR has already proven itself useful in treating genetic conditions such as sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia, and many others.

But CRISPR-Cas9 could theoretically also be used for darker purposes, such as bioterrorism. It could alter pathogens to make them more transmissible or fatal. Alternatively, it could turn a non-pathogen, such as a harmless microbe, into an aggressive virus. The technique may even be able to alter a virus to make it dangerous for a larger range of species than it currently infects, or make it resistant to antibiotics or antivirals.

Whether CRISPR could be used to infect humans in a way to make them zombie-like remains a theoretical speculation. At the moment, there are probably easier ways to terrorise people. But as biotechnologies improve in the wake of COVID, the risk from bioterrorism is increasing.

If a zombie-like disease could be created, it clearly wouldn’t make deceased people reawaken as zombies. But an infection that passed through saliva with extremely high transmission and mortality rate, and which caused agitation, destructive behaviour and death, wouldn’t be far off the horror that we see in zombie movies. Such a virus would spread rapidly from human to human in a similar manner to diseases such as Ebola and Marburg viruses. In the epic zombie film, 28 Days Later, the fictitious “rage virus” was, in fact, inspired by these two real-life viruses.

Given these possibilities, it is not surprising that the director of the US National Intelligence, James Clapper, termed gene editing “weapons of mass destruction and proliferation” in 2018.

Many countries are aware of the risks. In 2018, the US government released its first bio-defence strategy, involving multiple government agencies. The plan covers not only deliberate bioterror threats, but also “naturally occurring outbreaks and infectious diseases that escape a lab accidentally”. And, curiously, the US Department of Defense Strategic Command unit has issued a training programme called CONOP 8888 (Counter-Zombie Dominance), which simulates a zombie apocalypse situation. However, this was designed to be completely fictitious, providing military and defence training without the need to involve real, classified information.

Do we stand a chance against such gene-edited pathogens? We have international law conventions on biological and chemical toxins. These strictly prohibit states from acquiring or retaining biological weapons. But it is questionable whether these are adequate in the face of novel approaches. Gene editing technologies such as CRISPR are getting cheaper and easier to work with. That means rogue scientists or organisations could use them for bioterrorism.

Ideally, specific provisions in these international instruments should be revisited and adapted to the changing environment. This may include imposing a moratorium on experimenting with gene editing as biological weapon tools or allowing experimentation strictly for benefiting human health.

In June, a WHO expert committee published two reports (see here and here) that made recommendations about how human genome editing could be governed at the appropriate institutional, national and global level. Its framework incorporates structures of governance that already exist in different countries, such as regulatory authorities or national guidelines regarding genome editing or similar technologies. It recommends, for example, that ethics committees review clinical trials and approvals in the area.

While these recommendations provide some clarity, it is concerning that these are simply guidelines that do not have the force of law. The WHO is not in a position to regulate genome editing in individual countries. It therefore becomes incumbent on individual countries to implement these recommendations as part of their own national law. Another problem is that the guidelines do not address issues of safety and efficacy – stating this wasn’t part of the scope of the review. But that may change going forward.

For now, these recommendations are the closest thing we have to a global framework of governance. And as the technology continues to develop, it is hoped that they will also evolve accordingly. But ultimately, we may need to think about how to make such frameworks legally binding.

If all else fails, we might have to start working on our cardio and survival skills, and take a leaf out of the books of survivalist preppers.

What are you doing to prepare for your family, friends & neighbors? What are you doing to teach and save the children from the educational, pharmaceutical, medical, military, financial industrial complex? Never forget the Georgia Guidestones & the ongoing genecide some pure-bloods are awakening too, caring enough to share & speaking loudly.

Take A Stand

See a very honest and candid conversation with the famous news personality Tucker Carlson. He shares some interesting thoughts on the spiritual realm and the wisdom of Bible believers. Stay tuned until the end to find out why he says what he says…

Shawn Ryan Show

Only the Truth of Jesus Christ can set one free. Are you living for Him or for the world like most family members who are intellectually blinded. It’s all written in the Book which few read or understand. Do you know whats going on?

On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.

Do You Know Him?

Many today serve the world by placing money over life of family & friends and this is eternally sad with total disregard for parent including family caregivers.

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The consequences are very real. Watch this movie on how man lives a possessed life ignoring Scripture. Demons, Lucifer, Satan are very real controlling much of life within many families. Can you see where you stand today?

2 Timothy 2:25 “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; [26] And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

Mark Lamb is an author and Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. Lamb spent his early life as a missionary to South America and through his work, developed a strong faith and love of the United States. He then began his exceptional career in law enforcement that has carried him from being an officer, promoted to detective and later elected as Sheriff.


Lamb helped foster community policing and transparency in his county via the hit series “Live PD,” a show that follows law enforcement live. Often coined as “The American Sheriff,” Lamb is nationally recognized and is now running for U.S. Senate. What are you doing for God & Country?

John 8:32

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