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Jonas Salk is trumpeted by the entire world as solving the problem of Polio but what that did was give everyone the impetus for getting mass vaccinations. Salk was propped up by the elite convincing everyone that health required mass vaccinations. Salk is called the father of mass inoculations and herd immunity all in preparation for today’s events.

The father of mass inoculations suspiciously wants to engineer death and mass changes through various means, including cancer and RNA manipulation, thus the title “Survival of the Wisest”. Salk describes his Darwinism as a death cult. The masses are vaccine deniers until their children become autistic after months of vaccinations while some with autistic children continue to support vaccines. A speaking toddler immediately regressed, lost all verbal and social skills. Some become aware of the connections and issues with mass vaccinations, and Salk shows how deep the rabbit hole goes. The mind-washing has been exceptional among health professionals attending the masses.

Research Sabin vs Salk, as they were so opposite of each other. Sabin actually believed that immunity could be obtained orally, because his research was based on his obsession with colostrum and breastmilk. In fact Sabin found the antibodies to polio in bovine colostrum and there were issues with both oral and injections. However, Salk was much more a Luciferian, using heavy metals and neurotoxins in injections to damage the immune system (including auto immune disease). He wanted mutations and he should be called the Father of Cancer because he injected into 98 million people the first polio vaccine intentionally with the SV 40 virus creating cancer in the population genome. That could be genetically passed on in families and the injections caused by inflammatory response (inflammatory auto immune diseases). There is so much that could be said. Sabin was mocked by Salk while Sabin spent his final years studying breast milk and colostrum, striving to understand natures best answers against disease, inflammation and cancer. Towards the end he chose the opposite route from Salk. (Even though he accidentally did cause outbreaks from his oral polio version) Modern injections based on Salk’s vision are all epigenetically proving there are small ways to cause DNA damage.

“Vaccines did not save humanity and never will. Vaccines have never been proven truly safe except for perhaps the parameters of immediate death or some specific adverse events within up to 4 weeks.  Smallpox was not eradicated by vaccines as many doctors readily say it was. They say this out of conditioning rather than out of understanding the history or science. Polio virus was not responsible for the paralysis in the first part of the 20th century. Polio vaccine research, development, testing and distribution has committed atrocities upon primates and humanity. Bill Gates is not a humanitarian. Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason. They are not the answer to infectious diseases. There are many more sustainable and benevolent solutions than vaccines. “[2011 Feb] “A Few Things I Know”, by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD

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