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Top Ten Reasons to take the Covid Vaccine

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Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report shares the top ten reasons to take the Covid Vaccine known as a Bioweapon along with supporting the Georgia Guidestones down in South Georgia. Klaus Schwab is the Father of Transhumanism and everyone needs to study and be aware of the billionaires agenda.

Covid has a 99% plus cure rate just as Ivermectin is extremely effective which is easily purchased and recommended by many doctors today.. Trump first shared the success rate with a variety of options. The Delta variant is currently available for the deep sleep which is one of the five brainwaves offering the new booster for those who care.

Visit the Eugenics Society discussing depopulation as inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones which is on the road to Klaus Schwab’s Transhumanism. Truly, an interesting journey.

Thomas Dolby tells the story of his early career and the making of his hit single “She Blinded Me With Science” in 1982, and the role that Roland instruments played in his success. NAMM 2018 Roland “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Thinking is a complicated process and extremely complex just as critical thinking is rare today. Remember, there are ten thousand hacking at the branches to the one cutting the root just as there are ten thousand followers to the one leader. Where do you stand today?

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