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Programmed At Birth

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Think about it; our most precious God given gift is born into the world and immediately taken to the doctor for a litany of vaccines, designed for long term medical effects producing billions for the medical pharmacological cartel.

For those paying close attention, Gates; the soon to be trillionaire has fully explained this disclosing a 20 to 1 profit margin far surpassing what he made in Microsoft. As shared by Dr Bruce Lipton, the first 7 years are critical to the proper programming of every child.

Maybe it’s time to awaken to reality in the real world. It was once said, for every leader, there are 10,000 leaners. Ironically, the sheep are daily led to their own slaughter. Watch “Jupiter Ascending” and stop the jobbed out mentality; just over broke, how the masses live life.

The public school system destroys all critical thinking and creativity starting with the birth certificate. Do you understand?

Never forget: you can have your best or God’s best and your best is not so good. Pay close attention; where does wisdom come from, a very important question?


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