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Here from a 1981 book by Bilderberger Jacques Attalli- an example of their mindset:

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”

Now we have a news anchor confirming this plan with a Freudian slip where he says “almost four months into the vaccination effort providers are beginning to run out of people who want to be euthanized.”
It appears the “dumb people,” have already self-selected. 

Back in the Old West on the American Frontier we suffered a rash of “snake oil salesmen”.  These unscrupulous and possibly deranged individuals got themselves a barrel of mineral oil, and as they traveled, they killed snakes and threw them  in the oil barrel— letting them decay, fangs, poison and all.  They sold vials of the resulting decoction as a cure all tonic, and people bought it. Believe it or not.  

We look back on that and shake our heads, so proud of modern medicine…. and yet…. millions of people just lined up and let themselves be injected with a mixture of  fetal monkey cells, cells from long-dead human babies, cancerous lung tissue cells, and bits of HIV. This melange of biological detritus was macerated and killed with industrial organic solvents and then injected into your arms as a vaccine.  
Some things never change. 

Gross ignorance on the part of the public and equally gross money-grubbing self-interest on the part of the purveyors of this modern day snake oil, have combined to poison literally millions of people, but it gets worse. 
Along with all the other gunk being senselessly injected into the victims comes a little genetically engineered nanobot, a Messenger RNA payload.  
This little gem high-jacks your cells’ ability to manufacture proteins, but instead of manufacturing proteins that your body needs, your cells will now be producing mass quantities of a dead foreign viral protein instead.

This protein is less than worthless to your body, but large quantities of nutrients will be consumed making it anyway, and it will build up in your bloodstream, where it will cause tiny blood clots.  Then the geniuses responsible will give you “Warfarin” — rat poison — as the cure for the blood clots they caused.

Meanwhile, your body will be starved for the means to make proteins that it needs to live, and your immune system will be going bezerk trying to fight off this build up of toxic foreign protein in your body.   

You will die, either from organ failure (for lack of good protein to restore organ tissue) or from the blood clots or from immune system failure. 

And those who did this to you and your family and your friends, will say that you did this to yourself. 

You did this “voluntarily”, just like you paid Federal Income Taxes “voluntarily” all your life— even though you never had a penny of Federal Income and owed no such tax at all. 

Yes, you did this to yourselves and your children, but it wasn’t actually voluntary.  You were coerced.  You were deliberately misinformed by the media and by doctors on the take, “authorities” like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, Eugenists who were making money off this while killing all you “stupid useless eaters”.  
Don’t forget the politicians who spent your ill-gotten tax money on massive propaganda campaigns and “free vaccine” clinics, that you actually paid for. You were also set up and threatened. 

You were told that taking the vaccine was a condition of employment. 
You were told that you wouldn’t be able to travel without a vaccine passport. 
You were shamed into it on top of everything else.   
And so, you have killed yourselves and your families.  Voluntarily.  
The murderers have no accountability.  The vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued by law. So you will die by the various and sundry causes, by the millions, and the vermin responsible will make money on all the body bags they already bought and have stockpiled at FEMA camps all over this country. 

My Sister and Niece were already suffering from this deadly man-made “disease with no name” before all this happened.  My Niece is a veteran of the Gulf War  you know — the one caused by the non-existent weapons of mass destruction?  — and she was injected in the course of her service. 
It’s a long and lurid history here, in “the land of the free” —of our soldiers being used as involuntary lab rats for irresponsible and unaccountable human test trials for the drug companies. 

So, suddenly, she and her compatriots developed a mystery disease that thickens their blood and causes blood clots.  Sound familiar?  And all they can do for her at the Veteran’s Administration is tea, sympathy, and warfarin — the aforementioned rat poison that the rest of our population will now become familiar with.  
We first realized that this condition was transferrable when my Sister “caught it” from my Niece.  And now, they are both on rat poison— and my Niece is fighting cancer and my Sister is slowly dying of adrenal exhaustion (dead thyroid gland) and diabetes. 
And all the hospitals and doctors and nurses —- who are not “heroes” — but rather an admixture of monsters and psychopaths, liars, fools, and thieves, are making money hand over fist as a result of their customers’ slow, agonizing demise.  
They are going to have their hands in your pockets, too, soon enough— capitalizing on the problem they created. 

And what are you going to do about it, with the time you have left?

Whine and feel sorry for yourselves?  Regret killing your own kids and sterilizing the survivors?  

Let me suggest that you do something useful. You’ve got nothing left to lose and nothing to look forward to but rat poison. Send back the malice and death that has been sent to you.  Just sit there and take in the situation until you’ve got a bellyful of it, and then, think of Bill Gates. Think of his smug smiling face, poised with a hypodermic needle in his hand. 

Think of the over 700,000 children in India who were killed and maimed by this man, and how encouraged he was, because he got away with it.  Think of all those lying media Talking Heads, parroting statistics about the Common Cold to scare you into taking the Death Shot. 

Think of Anthony Fauci, dithering idiot, pontificating one way today and another tomorrow and yet a third mandate the next day.  Take a good look at his stock interests.  He sold himself to the devil and set the stage because he was making lots and lots of money off of this. 

And the CDC and NIH —- did anyone ever tell you that those are both privately owned corporations in the business of manufacturing vaccines?  No, I didn’t think so.  Well, they are. 

Now, what I want you to do is simply this: imagine jabbing Gates and Fauci and all the smug WHO officials, the TV Talking Heads, and the politicians responsible for this, with the same crap they injected into you. 

Feel the plunger go down.  Feel the poison entering their bloodstream.  Know how they are going to end their days, too.  

Oh, it’s for the Greater Good.  It really is.  And it has no karmic consequence, because after all, you are just returning all this malice and evil to the senders, reflecting it back to them like a mirror. 

Imagine the CDC — gone.  The NIH —- gone.  Pfizer — gone.  Moderna — gone. Johnson and Johnson — gone.  All the corporations responsible for this — simply gone.  Erased from history.  Their board members — gone.  Their officers — gone.  And of course, all the politicians responsible for this, gone, too.  Just erased as if they never were. 

I want those of you who are dying— and who now truly understand that you are doomed and why —  to please pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to come to you and teach you what you need to know.  
Imagine that the Spirit of God comes and while you sleep, the entire Earth is swept clean of those who have done these horrifying things and who have worshiped money more than life.  Ask for them to be removed.  Ask for healing for yourselves and for the Earth.  Ask for the paradise and peace you have been promised. 
Ask.  And then, get up and join your State Assembly and push, push, push with all you’ve got left to bring down these politicians and corporations that have allowed this.  Make your outrage and your dying breaths count.  

By Anna Von Reitz

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