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“Metals Are Military Wetware”

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Graphene oxide nanoparticles for cloud seeding is patented and being used daily across America. The CV19™ vax data uncovered has produced 770 unique symptoms maming & killing millions with hydrogel transhumanist nanobots composed of self assembling ‘clots’ that accumulates conductive metals. The clots are not made of blood attracting different types of elements in a self assembling carbon rich structure.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea with ground breaking research which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mRNA bioweapons combined with 5G is military grade technology designed to track and trace every human being on earth, or kill us entirely. The good news is, there are ways to address this genecide.

Military Wetware

Vaccines have been shown in a number of studies to contain toxic metal contaminants, including “inexplicable” levels of nanometal contamination. After the CV19™ technology is injected into the body, the target acquistion of wetware is far more precise and the technological field can be used to gather biometric data. The Neuralink control network uses implanted nano technology antennas that can gather such data and upload it to the Cloud which is all part of the future battlefield space. This is the future of battlefield technology.

Years ago Gates said he would mine human energy for centralized crypto totally enslaving and controlling all life once the boi weapon technology is inserted. This is self assembling, self replicating technology. In some embodiments, a therapeutic and or prophylactic is a cytotoxin, a radioactive ion, a chemotherapeutic, a vaccine, a compound that elicits an immune response, and or another therapeutic and or prophylactic. A cytotoxin or cytotoxic agent includes an agent that may be detrimental to cells.

Metals start the polymerization of self assembly nanoparticles. These are the most dangerous technologies ever introduced to mankind as naive parents continue to vax their newborns along with themselves.

John 8:32

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