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Americans have never been more unprepared, unaware, vaxxed and soon to be overrun by millions of illegal aliens fighting, killing, demanding shelter, food & water. Welcome the NWO.

The WEF continues to fear monger (or predictive program) us about an impending cyber attack which is one attack vector that could lead to a grid down scenario in the United States. And in a country where half the population doesn’t have $500 for an emergency, the majority of the population is not only unprepared for a worst case scenario, they will contribute to the problem when they panic and begin looting the cities. Dr. Jason Dean discusses the issues.

Grid Down

Lord Jacob Rothschild dies aged 87. His dirty blood-soaked money couldn’t save him, nor could it save his Zionist soul. The only thing that could have saved him is repenting to our living God before he passed. Of course, no man can repent unless our Lord & Savior gives one repentance that they may recover themselves from the snare of Satan. He was one of Lucifer’s puppets designing the fiat system which continues to enslave all mankind, fund all wars and destroy America’s youth through vaccines & government schools.

Have you given consideration to what happens if the grid goes down? Cities are comprised of lower class along with a few upper and middle class folks. Listen, learn & prepare because we’re spoiled in a bad way as the public is being prepped for another false flag event.

Klaus Schwab at Davos predicted a cyber attack as we move into the second year of his prediction while 80 – 90% of the public has no idea and are totally unprepared. Are you ready for the Black Swan Event? If you worship at the house of Rothschild you must support genecide Joe Biden fully supported by Newsome.

When money hyper-inflates & business shut down, what will you do? This all started in 1913, having been planned for decades. Welcome to the world of the CBCD’s. Can we say mark of the beast? If Americans will allow a bio weapon injection to save a job & pay check or travel abroad, just wait for what’s next.

How is it possible to educate a normie? Those responsible will prepare the rest don’t have the ability or the wisdom. Most American’s have endured MK Ultra cluelessly. We The People, are being preyed upon and slowly devoured. If another election is stollen it will be game over. Likewise, if the people don’t wake up, stand up and speak loudly, it will be game over. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

It’s time to rethink who we are and awaken to the great reset. The system can’t be fixed nor should it be. What part are you playing?

John 8:32

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