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The response of the redeemed is obedience. When God truly touches our hearts, our only response can be, “Lord, may your will be done and may you be forever glorified. Seldom are we privileged to meet those who have traveled the road to Damascus like brother Paul written about in Scripture. Living with a beautiful, intelligent, highly educated, young lady with millions, life was so very unfulfilling. Jets, ranches, beautiful homes, amazing vacations, world travel coupled with fine dining was void of purpose, His purpose.

After being involved with a part in a Hollywood movie and watching what went on, the end of the road was near, where many are called while few are chosen, looming in neon lights. Knowing the road is wide and the gate quite narrow the need to know more was looming.

With money, wealth & fame the emptiness in the heart only grew in size haunting every night laying in bed with this beautiful young lady. Dinning at the number one private Country Club, enjoying the richest of foods, playing on the best gold courses, taking long saunas was simply leading up to another boring day. Work became a chore like living in a beautiful Buckhead house becoming less and less a home with nowhere to hide.

Living like the elite and conquerers of nations, there was little purpose in life. Driving Porsches & Ferrari’s no longer produced any joy. Wearing the finest Oxxford suits made of cashmere and other fine wools, wearing the finest shoes, further became a bore. Spending time at the Cloister with the wealthy while dining with the CEO’s of companies was no longer satisfying.

Revelation 6:16 “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!” Nathan Reynolds returns to discuss this and much more.

The Reynolds Family

Lord Jacob Rothschild is dead as Lucifer summons his Legions so who do you serve my friend? Are you sure about that? Some are so deceived they actually think they can hide in caves hoping to preserve their self serving, self centered life. This is a morally bankrupt nation comprised of morally bankrupt people who have no idea of who they are or whom they serve…

John 8:32

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