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Doctors Issue Dire Warning

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There is no pandemic, it is a fraud. There is no evidence of Covid 19 which isn’t a real epidemic. The hysteria was developed by corporations making Billions. The purpose of the Mystery Virus is to dumb us down creating masses of taxed paying droids worldwide for enslavement, control and extortion. How easily the sheep are led.

The Covid PCR test is ineffective creating false positives. The covid injection is dangerous totally destroying all critical thinking. The pharmaceutical industry has been given permission to skip all trials resulting in Billions in profit. They have been working on a vaccine for many years. This injection is all about transduction and fear. The recipients of the injection are embracing life altering conditions. Mask are unnecessary creating many problems. Suicides far outnumber covid deaths worldwide.

Only the fearful are taking this unsafe injection which is changing your DNA. Nano bots in hydro jell has been developed for rendering self control useless along with RFID Tags. There are no safe vaccines. Don’t give into fear and ignorance. Health never comes from the injection of toxins into your body which all vaccines are composed.

There is no world wide pandemic. Hospitals and doctors are being financially rewarded for promoting this false pandemic. Synthetic mRNA is a real problem and it’s being injected, damaging millions as most injections. Wrapping human DNA is a crime and extremely unsafe, making any disease far worse. Crimes against humanity!

Set the example, stand up and do what’s right no matter what’s going on around you. Do not embrace the naive herd mentality. Visit and listen to Robert F Kennedy, Jr. & Del Bigtree.

Gulf War Syndrome was created from the Anthrax Vaccine. It’s always about the money…

Bait & Switch: Stop Wearing Mask Today; Stop supporting the Scamdemic…

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