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We are a grassroots group that has come together to stand for medical freedom, religious freedom, and seek truth from the medical world. Our group includes employees whose were terminated based on Covid 19 vaccine mandates, families who have lost loved ones who were placed on Remdesivir in hospitals, as well as people that have been targeted by medical giants pushing for gender reassignment surgeries.

Events are playing out like clockwork. Have you noticed that everything emerging on the world stage right now — food scarcity, inflation, energy crisis, escalating war, vaccine deaths and more — was predicted well in advance by Natural News, InfoWars and other indy media outlets? The only people surprised by all this are the oblivious masses who don’t read indy media. For those who do, this is like following along with a Hollywood script that’s playing out in real life.

The next chapter of this script looks like the following:

  • Widespread food scarcity hits Europe this winter and well into 2023 and beyond.
  • Food scarcity strikes America in 2023 and persists for years due to lack of fertilizer.
  • Governments initiate price controls on food items. This results in worsening scarcity and widespread civil unrest.
  • Governments then introduce rationing as a means of control, likely using covid-19 tracking tech and mobile phone apps that are repurposed for the purpose of implementing mass starvation.
  • Finally, governments criminalize preppers and start pushing stories of “hoarders” who are causing everybody else to starve.

In other words, watch as Europe becomes Venezuela, followed by America becoming Venezuela. This is going to get interesting… (see for dedicated news coverage on food and energy scarcity)


The U.N. food chief warned Thursday that the world is facing “a perfect storm on top of a perfect storm”… “Otherwise, there’s gonna be chaos all over the world,” World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley said in an Associated Press interview.

“If we don’t reach these people, you will have famine, starvation, destabilization of nations unlike anything we saw in 2007-2008 and 2011, and you will have mass migration.”

“If we don’t get on top of this quickly — and I don’t mean next year, I mean this year — you will have a food availability problem in 2023,” he said. “And that’s gonna be hell.”

What UN Food Program Director David Beasley doesn’t realize, of course, is that it is the governments of the world that created this famine problem, and more money in the hands of the United Nations isn’t going to fix this. The UN is an evil, anti-human globalist power cartel that’s actually part of the problem. If you want to feed the people of the world, get governments out of the way and let the free market solve food distribution and production problems

Make 1984 Fiction Again…

Matthew 24:11 KJV: And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

“And boy do we have them now. The internet has opened a door for the Father of Lies to flood our minds and the minds of those we love with many voices that seem legitimate and use truth-based statistics to drag us down rabbit holes from which we may never return. If you’ll remember, he used the word of God to tempt Jesus (who WAS the Word of God) in the wilderness. Yes, he used God’s own words to try and trip Him up!  These are perilous and tumultuous times we live in and Christ warned us time and time again, that in these very days we are living, that the lies would be so well contrived that “of it were possible even the very elect will be deceived”.  So, how do we protect ourselves from the information overload of deceit being thrown our way? We do what men have done through the ages to keep from being deceived, we line up everything with scripture and use the discernment only God can give to recognize who is who and what is what. We do this by emulating men like the Apostle Paul who wrote “beware of science, falsely called so….”  Men like Christopher Columbus, an Italian Jew, who read Paul’s writings and ignored the science of the day that said the world was flat and if you sailed too far you would fall off the planet. Instead he believed what he read in Isaiah that said “the earth is a sphere”.  There is a huge difference in believing what God says and believing God exists. Many in Abraham’s day believed in God (or a god) but Abraham believed what God said and it was accounted to him as righteousness. There are many “false prophets” today who say they believe in a god, but they aren’t so quick to believe what God has said and craftily reinterpret His Word to mean what they wish it to. These are worse than those false prophets who say there is no God, as they are more likely to lead men astray from truth and “deceive many” as Christ foretold. Believing in God is not popular these days, believing God is almost a rarity. I encourage you to get your news from His Word………….lest you be deceived!”

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