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Dr. Jane Ruby shares how the vaccinated are ‘A New Human Species’, known as ‘Homo Borg Genesis’.

According to Our World in Data, 64% of the world’s population has taken Genetically modified human beings. Exactly who owns a human being if they take a gene changing product that gives them a different genetic structure than that with which they were born? What does the law say? Are the jabbed now homo borg genesis, a new human species? Maybe the Jabbed have bigger problems than what diseases they will develop down the road from these C19 bioweapon shots.

Years ago, Gates published an article know as ‘Bill Gates Battery’; ie. how Gates was going to produce crypto from human energy. The C19 vaccines are the gateway to this lucrative venture. It’s all about the elimination of property rights, sovereignty, total control & enslavement down to the cellular level.

Some are awake and can still see, however many are being easily led into a Borg society, carefully manipulated and controlled, all by design. Those that know the truth understand they own nothing and are not happy. Until rebuttal of all presumptions, land patents, correction of standing & status is corrected lawfully; extortion leading to slavery will continue. The wageslave does not own his own body.

The ultimate goal is to genetically modify every human being according to the will of Satan in denial of Father God almighty. Mass casualties is the the ultimate goal in accord with the Georgia Guidestones, reducing the world population to under 500 million. This is the greatest time to be alive. The enemy has been revealed. We have to take a planet back to Father’s Glory.

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