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Dr. Rashid Buttar unveils vaccine injury SOLUTIONS and mRNA “payload” secrets.

 Dr. Buttar reveals targeted cancer protocol that uses the body’s own “database” to identify and remove cancer cells
– A similar protocol can help vaccine-injured people overcome cellular damage
– Discussion of post-vaccine fibrous clots and vascular health
– Covid vaccines inject people with “payloads” that can be remotely activated via broadcast signals
– Once activated, they can unleash Ebola or Marburg-like symptoms such as bleeding out of eyes
– Dr. Buttar’s Advanced Medicine Conference and a donation to attorneys who are suing California hospitals and doctors over remdesivir deaths.

Nord Stream pipeline SABOTAGE clearly orchestrated by ruthless Biden regime: Nuland, Biden and Sen. Johnson all demanded “ending it permanently” by any means necessary

The demolition of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea is one of the most outrageous and evil acts of terrorism and sabotage in the history of our world. Now that the sabotage has been confirmed by numerous nations, the blame game has begun as everyone is wondering, “Who did it?”

Resident Joe Biden, Russophobic State Department official Victoria Nuland and GOP Senator Ron Johnson are all on the record demanding the Nord Stream pipelines be taken out, implying they will use any means necessary to achieve that outcome.

Watch from 2:52 in the following exchange between Sen. Ron Johnson and Victoria Nuland, a known Russia hater and key architect of the corrupt Zelensky regime that openly cooperates with actual Nazis while stealing billions of dollars from US taxpayers:

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