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Every family member has been infected by the covie narrative known as the CV19™ plandemic, promoted through fear of the unknown, which is the greatest motivator. The next plandemic will be much more damaging as this carefully planned genecide continues with the support of the vaxxed.

Global war on the human brain throughout the world where mental capacity is declining especially among young people, while suicidal depression rates are rising dramatically. Meanwhile, one in forty men and women suffers from Alzheimer’s, and the age of onset is falling rapidly. But the causes are not being eliminated, quite the opposite. Can this just be coincidence?

Propaganda has never been more powerful. No sane person would accept these CV19™ injections leading to the great reset which is the reprogramming of the brain. Mankind is now hackable as Yuval Noah Harari has shared.

Mental capacity is declining among young people. The decline in cognitive ability is working beautifully fully depriving us of the ability to think for ourselves. The programing of the mind is being rewritten with great success allowing for complete control of mankind where all cognitive ability is destroyed just as critical thinking. Rational thinking is forever gone creating a zombie society driven by fear.

A family member; a Neurosurgeon, once shared how painful it was to see a covid patient dying while hooked to a Ventilator on Intervenes Remdesivir, so he foolishly took the shot along with most of his family. Sin carries a hefty price tag with eternal consequences just as Neurosurgeons are the highest paid among the white coats.

Like so many doctors he was totally immune from the fact that the Vent coupled with Remdesivir, was torturing, while killing the patient by design. Like most doctors, not wise enough to realize all the safe, simple, inexpensive drugs were outlawed which could easily eradicate the patients problem.

The naive continue to vax according to pharma, insurence and the CDC fully controlled by pharma while producing billions for the CEO’s & investors. The CDC is managed by the CEO’s of big pharma who the fearful follow.

Here is the formula for turning Intelligent People into Zombies from cradle to grave using vaccines. Gates shared this years ago. This is for those paying attention and critically thinking.

Man In America

Why do we develop medications to treat symptoms of preventable diseases that shouldn’t exist?

Why do most people struggle to maintain long-term physical and mental well-being?

What is the underlying source of the thoughts and motivations that we have?

Dr Drew

Indoctrinated Brains: Dr. Michael Nehls Reveals Tactics Against Neurological Warfare. It’s absolutely about creating a society of sheep, developing Alzheimers as soon as possible completely deficient in memory & cognition.

Are you clear yet concerning Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab? Remember Gates article on mining human energy for crypto written years ago? You may recall his comment: the greatest profits have been with vaccines, far greater than Microsoft. It’s always about the bottom line.

“Michael Nehls has written a provocative book arguing that the CV19™ generation in particular will ultimately be deficient in memory and cognition, due to the combination of brainwashing and toxic exposures,” writes Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT, about Dr. Nehl’s book “The Indoctrinated Brain.”

Dr. Michael Nehls is a physician and molecular geneticist specializing in immunology. As a basic researcher, he deciphered the genetic causes of dozens of hereditary diseases at German and international research institutions. Two of his discoveries were published in collaboration with two Nobel Prize winners.

For his pioneering findings on Alzheimer’s disease development, prevention, and therapy, he was awarded the Hanse Prize for Molecular Psychiatry by the Rostock University Hospital. Dr. Nehls is the author of “The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom.”

Follow Dr. Michael Nehls at and find more at Above all become a Truther by supporting Truth for the children by stopping the vaccine Genecide from cradle to grave.


Throughout the world, mental capacity is declining, especially among young people, while depression rates are rising dramatically. Meanwhile, one in forty men and women suffers from Alzheimer’s, and the age of onset is falling rapidly. But the causes are not being eliminated, quite the opposite. Can this just be coincidence?

The Indoctrinated Brain introduces a largely unknown, powerful neurobiological mechanism whose externally induced dysfunction underlies these catastrophic developments.

Truth & Health

PD Dr. Michael Nehls, medical doctor and internationally renowned molecular geneticist, lays out a shattering chain of circumstantial evidence indicating that behind these numerous negative influences lies a targeted, masterfully executed attack on our individuality. He points out how the raging wars against viruses, climate change, or over national borders are—more likely intended than not—fundamentally providing the platform for such an offensive against the human brain that is steadily changing our being and is aimed at depriving us of our ability to think for ourselves.

NEUROHACKING EXPOSED! Dr. Michael Nehls, author of “The Indoctrinated Brain,” reveals how the global mind manipulation psyop actually works.

Truth is liberating

Mass mental illness is rampart worldwide attacking from all angles. Yuval Noah Harari is a confessed sodomite & atheist. ‘Netanyahu has built a coalition of messianic zealots and shameless opportunists’. For those critically thinking, the mind of the vaxxed has been hacked producing PLF’s known as programable life forms like many family members.

But it is not too late. By exposing these brain-damaging processes and describing countermeasures that anyone can take, Nehls brings light and hope to this fateful chapter in human history. Nothing less will be decided than the question of whether our species can retain its humanity and its creative power or whether it will lose them irretrievably.


Learn the Truth, take a stand & Speak Loudly. This is a planned genecide where the white coats have become killing machines operating out of killing centers for the sick naive following the narrative. If you care about the children please take a stand for Truth and always speak loudly that others may hear & know.

America once had physicians, today we have prescribers fully controlled by big pharma & the insurance companies who are forever focused on the bottom line, their pay check. It’s a cut, burn, poison profession known as slash for cash and profits are high.

Some are suing parents for parents money with total disregard for parents life. They are the lost, godless, deceived, damaged, vaxxed and totally self-serving solipsistic. Never have I known a more selfish, self-centered family. Most don’t realize we are all 1 heartbeat from eternity and Judgement. It’s always about location and who you know, serve & live for…Hello!

Calvary is a call to action for the true man & woman of God…

John 8:32

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