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Public health is no longer an issue in America. New COVID vaccine push is ‘anti-human,’ says Florida surgeon general: ‘Major safety concern’. I’m calling for a halt to the use of mRNA CV19™ vaccines.

The US Food & Drug Administration and the CDC and prevention have always played it fast and loose with CV19™ vaccine safety, but their failure to test for DNA integration with the human genome which their own guidelines dictate when the vaccines are known to be contaminated with foreign DNA is intolerable. Think about that!

These vaccines are the antichrist of all products and the naive volunteers thinking mandates are law are the true victims.
Covid bioweapon Is AntiHuman

As Yuval Noah Harari stated human DNA is hackable and must be hacked to achieve the desired goals set forth by Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab.

This is a Spiritual War and the less fortunate volunteers are loosing. The evil of the injections is uncharitable destroying mental health among the recipients while destroying all spiritual growth. This technology is wrong and must be stopped immediately. Unfortunately, it up to you and your ability to speak loudly.

John 8:32

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