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Casey Means, MD is a Stanford-trained physician and co-founder of Levels, a health technology company with the mission of reversing the world’s metabolic health crisis.

Her book on metabolic health, Good Energy, comes out in May 2024 with Penguin Random House. She received her BA with honors and MD from Stanford, was President of her Stanford class, and has served on Stanford faculty. She trained in Head & Neck Surgery before leaving traditional medicine to devote her life to tackling the root cause of why Americans are sick.

She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Women’s Health, and more.

Simple Truth

Big Pharma is fooling you just like with the covie kool-aid bioweapon. It’s always about mass control, genecide & long term medical effects.

Fooled Again

Stand for truth or like most, live with lies. Far too many acquiesce refusing to figvht for what is right at the risk of job & money. Too many accept the CV19™ & boosters at risk of loss of life fearing loss of job & money. Who will stand for the children if adults are too spineless to stand for themselves void of all critical thinking due to excellent mind-washed programming?
Stand For Truth

Stand for truth or live the lie teaching children to do the same jobbed out to government schools where programming is set for life. Are there any real men & women left willing to stand for truth, unwilling to count the cost? Stand for truth at all cost. Always stand for what is right…

Enough Said!

John 8:32

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