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Why Paul Saladino, MD Quit A 100% Carnivore Diet, Impacts of Cholesterol, And the Value of Insulin. As good friends and family continue to faulter in their effort to improve health our search for the ultimate diet continues. Half of what’s taught in medical school is wrong, the problem is what half. If anything is said by the student or doctor they are labeled a charlatan, shunned & banned. The masses go along to get along due to reputation, money & job.

Life is short just as death comes like a thief in the night and few are prepared. Our body is the temple of God and everyone is simply one heartbeat away from eternal judgement day, like it or not.

Dr Paul Saladino, MD

Our body is the temple of God, the question is which god are we serving and why? Far too many blindly trust the Medical Industrial Complex, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex & the Military Industrial Complex which is extremely ignorant and unwise.

Sadly, after watching both parents die at the hands of the Medical Industrial Complex, change was demanded for the entire family. The medical system is entirely broken as so many suffer at their hands trusting in systems designed for profit and death starting with newborn vaccines not unlike military vaccines which are bioweapons like CV19™ designed with purpose & medical effects.

Make full proof of your ministry walking out your own salvation in fear & trembling for your day approaches. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God so prepare today…

John 8:32

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