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Former SEAL Team 6 Operator interviews Juan O’Savin concerning the future of America and the swearing in of Biden. If Biden is sworn in, it will be the defacto US Corporation. Many will be visiting GITMO or one of the many FEMA Camps. Sit back and enjoy the show. Justice is on the way.

The Black Hats have destroyed the economy worldwide. There are thousands of arrest warrants pending for those who have committed treason along with child trafficking including those standing against the people. Americans are very trusting and have been deceived for decades.

“The Called”, Makings For A Perfect Day Starring Juan O’Savin

The Defacto leadership for the US Corporation and the sleepy sheep and RINO’s led by sleepy Joe, have been lying about Mask, Covid and the need for the mRNA Vaccine, which is damaging, creating long term medical effects by design. It’s about profit for Gates, Fauci and the cartels including population elimination and the mystery virus is the perfect scheme to inject the mRNA into the fearful. Trump is exposing all of this.


“How easily the sheep are led”; spoken by Gates, Fauci and Birx. The mRNA technology with Polyethylene glycol, a petroleum product, bonding with your DNA on the road to Transhumanism, control & total slavery. Pity those injected with this Technology.

Remember: The Best is Yet to Come as the godless & fearful are being fully exposed along with their supporters. Enjoy the show because a dark place awaits each and everyone of them eternally.

Note: Unschooled children are far happier and more intelligent than those of us who spent their entire youth in the public, private, homeschool fool system, coupled with years in higher education, along with thousands of dollars. Check out, “Drop Out And Get Schooled”:

Bitcoin Ben -The Kraken Is About To Be Released, Down She Goes, Game Over – Trump is unbreakable! He understands the End Game!

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