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Dr. Lee Merritt never believed CV19™ was an airborne virus. It is a contact toxin or poison. mRNA is too expensive and venom isn’t the major disease causing agent because it doesn’t fit clinically.

Why is cancer bursting out after the vaccine? Why does Autoimmune Disease respond to anti parasitical drugs? Why do the elite hate antiparasiticals? Why can’t we find mRNA in vaccines? This concept fits the religious belief…

Parasites slowly increase in number over a lifetime creating more cysts devouring more of the immune system resulting in AID’s. When they get out of control and the eggs sacs enlarge the result is the slow kill known as cancer. Welcome CV19™.

“The Brain is the current & future battlespace” “Assess the Brain, Access the Brain, Affect the Brain”

Many years ago Dr Hulda Clark wrote a number of books on how to cure any disease since parasites are always found at the core. Since there is no money in such a cure doctors are not allowed to discuss such which is why the 3 largest Hydroxychloroquine plants have been destroyed and outlawed in all hospitals to save lives.

Covid 19™ is a Nono Weapon Parasite for our termination. Humans are the host to spawn these new species. Years ago Gates published a paper on how he intended to mine human energy for crypto. The brain is the current and future battlespace. The CV-19™ vaccinated are injected with AI Synthetic parasites that are controllable through GE Hydrogel which are self-replicating. The fake PCR Test, which is a prop, have led millions to an early grave and the survivors left with long term medical effects. The baby vaccines were not working fast enough. The masses don’t want the truth while most would rather live in fear which has always been the great motivator used by the elite.

Listen, learn & share.

John 8:32

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