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Demons, Evil Spirits & Angles are extremely real and those of true faith have dealt with both. Man is a trifold being of body, soul & spirit and the spirit is the least fed. In fact, the masses coddle the sodomite, LGBTQ demon possessed, thinking they can be freed from their possession. Of course, those possessed don’t know and usually don’t want to be free. Far too many are comfortable with their demons living for self while serving mammon, Satan/Lucifer. Satanism is alive and well today as the church survives and prospers.


Only those called can truly know Jesus Christ and that’s only if repentance is given. Many are called yet few are chosen just as the road is wide and the gate narrow. Are you called, if so, what is your charge considering obedience? Where do you stand today? Who is the author of Fear as evidenced by the CV19™ bioweapon? Can you say Lucifer who the masses always follow?

John 8:32

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