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Baron Rothschild stated decades ago: “of the few that understand the federal tax system, the will not care because their profits are so high. The masses being incapable of understanding the tax system; won’t care either while leading to the own enslavement and total demise.”

The average American is voluntarily destroying not only America but their own family, working six months out of the year to pay taxes. The working man is the most punished man in America as the fed, a private cartel, continues printing money out of thin air. They loan it to our so called government with interest while the interest is never printed resulting in the national debt. What a great con job.

A Private Cartel

As the April 15th tax deadline approaches Retired doctor KL returns to SGT Report to discuss the LEGAL steps YOU can take now to opt out of the taxation prison forever.

Study to show thyself approved a workman of God not needing be ashamed, rightly dividing every Word of Truth. Don’t be one of the sheeple people funding the demise of America. Why has President Trump never paid a penny of tax and why is he so hated by the sheeple people, libtard community? Are you a US Citizen, a corporate fiction or a true American? Freedom is never free. It must be fought for with clarity, vision and understanding.

Sheeple people own nothing in law. Anything with a number like an SS number allows taxation just as a car, boat, plane, property or person it taxable unless corrected in law. A numbered US Citizen is an enemy of the State, an enemy combatant.

The powers that be are continually scrubbing our history in order to manage the sheeple people keeping them totally enslaved & mind-washed from cradle to grave. The schools continually destroy all creative & critical thinking just as vaccines are lobotomizing the children creating better, compliant, obedient wageslaves void of money & law.

If you want to be free, you must undo the contracts that put you in bondage starting with your birth certificate. You must become the beneficiary of your own trust in law…

John 8:32

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