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Having been blessed to be raised by a Navy SEAL, a Captain, one step from an Admiral, was a privilege and great honor that few experience. For around 40 years I’ve operated worldwide with a S.E.A.L attitude for Christ Jesus which has been a greater honor than all the riches in the world, which I walked away from at the age of 32. Listen and learn.

At 3-of-7, we believe that mankind was created in the image and likeness of God. We, as human beings consist of 3 parts a Body, Soul and Spirit just as God is comprised of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. This is what the “3” in 3-of-7 represents.

The number “7” in 3-of-7 represents a totally complete life where we lack nothing and have the tools and ability to help others meet all challenges, physically, mentally and spiritually head on.

To achieve completeness, help others and enjoy the fullness of life that God intended for us, we have found that all three aspects of mankind must be fed, directed and disciplined individually. Only when the Body, Soul and Spirit are sharpened and in unison can we experience a complete and abundant life.

John 8:32

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