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Another brilliant interview by Ann Vandersteel, a great American woman interviewing the Awesome Dr. Simone Gold who is one Amazing American Hero who is an accomplished, Medical Doctor & Lawyer. America needs more great women like Simone, laced with integrity, principle, character, intelligence and boldness among doctors & lawyers who are less interested in money & more interested in Truth. Please learn to identify and avoid the check the box lawyers, doctors & politicians.

Dr. Simone Gold was released from the Miami Federal Detention Center September 9, 2022.

She was sentenced to 60 days in prison for a misdemeanor when she entered the US Capitol to give her speech that she was prevented from giving due to the Fedsurrection interrupting the January 6, 2021 Election deliberation proceedings inside Senate Chambers.

Dr. Gold is a doctor, a lawyer, and a civil rights activist. She is also the Founder of Americas Frontline Doctors.

Representative Louie Gohmert (TX) flew in to show support and deliver a special gift in honor of her service to saving countless lives during the COVID pandemic as well as her heroism despite the miscarriage of justice.

Please support “PARDON DR. GOLD” at



The Story of Covid & The Untimely Death by The Uncensored Citizen. Everything published is only for those interested in truth.

John 8:32

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