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How many COVID-19 cases are actually cases

Imagine being quarantined and your family, friends, and coworkers needlessly alerted and scared because you tested positive for a scrap of unviable genetic material. You thought you had a dangerous virus, but you didn’t. Without a doubt, it’s happened all across North Carolina, except that the victims never find out about that last bit. These […]


China Owns Dominion

Dominion is owned by communist China, which also runs the tech giants, the left-wing media and most of the Democrats in Congress “Dominion’s Parent Company Arranges $400 Million Placement 1 Month Before Election: SEC Filing” – The Epoch Times: A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that UBS Securities LLC arranged a private […]

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American Hero

When you think about the IRS, do you feel free? Why should you fear your employees? Sherry, an x IRS agent and CPA spent 3 long years in prison for exposing the truth to a sleeping populous. Now that we have Covid the Flu has vanished. Covid doesn’t exit. It’s nothing more than the common […]

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America’s Integrity

President Trump is destroying the deep state along with those supporting the fraud, however he needs your help. You must stand against the lies and the politicized influenza along with the lie of the mask. Please don’t stand with the Godless, Faithless, Fearful, masked of society. Stop standing with the Godless dems. We must expose […]

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Donald John Trump

This politicized influenza has left too many Americans wearing facial diapers, just as the clueless have supported the insanity of a Biden swindle. Covid is nothing more than the common cold. Stop wearing mask today. Stop being sheep and breath life back into liberty. The public media has done an amazing job just as Gates […]