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When you think about the IRS, do you feel free? Why should you fear your employees? Sherry, an x IRS agent and CPA spent 3 long years in prison for exposing the truth to a sleeping populous.

Now that we have Covid the Flu has vanished. Covid doesn’t exit. It’s nothing more than the common cold. We’re in the cold and flu season. The bankers are setting up a great fraud, a great depression where they can buy everything us for pennies.

That’s something to think about. here have been more deaths among children from suicide than covid. In China, there have been far more deaths from suicide than covid. We must awaken the sleeping giant and speak up.

President Trump has done more for America than any other man in the history of America. Please don’t choke on the Blue Pill; take the Red Pill. Don’t you want Freedom? Breathe liberty back into America by learning the truth. Learn the difference between a US Citizen and American. Study David Straight, retired Navy SEAL.

Visit: Read Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of my Friends; The Creature From Jekyll Island by Ed Griffin.

Leave the Plantation today…

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