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The church has been taken and moved to the camp of the enemy as we who know are loosing faith in humanity.

The World Economic Forum is pushing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the agenda to establish elitist cyborgs as rulers over humanity. If there ever was a time to stand up and defend your life and that of your loved ones, it is now.

The World Health Organization has an official agenda for ten years of ongoing pandemics from 2020 to 2030. We have recently seen how they can declare a pandemic whenever they choose. And during a pandemic, the WHO effectively becomes a one world government, overruling the constitutions and laws of every nation in the world. The plan is crystal clear. Watch the video now!

The groundbreaking and highly revealing documentary “THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL – SOLVED!” reveals who the true founders of Israel are, who finance both the State of Israel as their adversaries Hamas. This film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. 

Child Sacrifice

Globalist organizations are establishing worldwide tyranny, which will gradually remove all rights, freedoms, and possessions from humanity. They claim this will improve the state of the world. This is known as the Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Build Back Better, New World Order, etc. Our mission is to inform you of their plans, so you can defend your and your loved ones’ lives.

“Children must have sexual partners”
– say the UN & WHO


Mystery Of Israel

Globalist organizations are collaborating to establish total world domination. Their plans include blocking out the sun, removing all rights and freedoms from humanity, making all people cyborgs, locking everyone up in prison cities, eradicating all the elderly, taking away all possessions from everyone, and many more psychopathic ideas.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano exposed financial corruption in the Vatican, and child abuse by pope Francis and other church leaders. During the pandemic he rose to the forefront of the worldwide freedom movement by exposing the criminal agenda of globalists who plot to submit all of humanity to unprecedented tyranny.

World-renowned biophysicist Andreas Kalcker has saved the lives of millions of covid patients, and works with thousands of physicians, scientists and lawyers all over the world. His proven cure for covid could have ended the pandemic in a breeze, but he was censored in every possible way. He explains what is really going on in our world. 

Funeral director John O’Looney worked closely with the UK government and the BBC during the pandemic. He observed firsthand how thousands of elderly were murdered and labeled as covid deaths. In addition, 40 other undertakers have told O’Looney they witnessed the same, but are afraid to speak out. 

Ronald Bernard worked at a high level in the financial elite, and communicated directly with those who control the world. They invited him to partake in the sacrificing of children, a ritual practiced by those who operate at the highest financial levels. Ronald Bernard couldn’t do it, and was physically tortured to prevent him from revealing any names.

Former executives from the CIA, FBI and NSA are disclosing how countless children are abused by top officials. They reveal worldwide networks that traffic millions of children to the rich and powerful in every country.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has successfully treated several presidents for COVID-19, and is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Together with world leading scientists and a Nobel Prize winner for medicine, he reveals how millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions are disabled for life, after being inoculated with the experimental covid injections. 

Dr. Carrie Madej has directed two large medical clinics and has attended major medical conferences, at which she has heard ‘crazy evil professors’ reveal the plan to change the human DNA using vaccines. Dr. Madej has been investigating this for over 20 years, and is now warning humanity.

America’s Frontline Doctors is a large group of leading physicians, lawyers and scientists in the United States, with over one million members. After seeing how the world is being deceived, they have taken a stand to defend the future of humanity. In an epic speech, their founder, Dr. Simone Gold, explains the enormity of the lies that have been unleashed by Big Media, Big Tech and governments. 

The #1 key to ending world tyranny is informing the public. All the plans of the criminal elites depend entirely on one single thing: the ignorance of the population. Once people become informed, they stop complying and start resisting. Showing them the truth is therefore critical. To help you wake up the world, we offer you free flyers, posters and memes to distribute in your community, family and network. 

Stop World Control has been severely attacked in an attempt to silence us completely. After a long series of setbacks, we are rebuilding everything. Please support our fight for the freedom of humanity and the future of our world. We cannot do this without your help. Thank you so much!

John 8:32

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