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Did you give money to O U R ? WATCH THIS AND SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS! Trump exposed the 8 million trafficked children annually along with promoting CV19™ making billions. Hopefully, he was compromised and not foolish enough to buy the Gates, NWO genecide which has been most successful in accord with Agenda 2030.

Of course, Kary Mullis invented the PCR Test, publicly sharing, it was useless and was found dead within sixty days, like so many dying who shared the truth concerning the covid flu known as the mystery virus. However, the death shot is working as sheep continue to get in line for the next injection.

Sadly, attention was brought to the trafficking while Tim made money which he is now paying for. Too many say ho hum to the many issues once exposed. Awaken, take a stand, speak loudly or pay the ultimate price.

It’s Not Good

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” 

Prepare spiritually, physically & monetarily as if your life depended upon it because it does. Have a blessed winter Season.

John 8:32

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