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Speaking as a nurse who specialized in respiratory illnesses for many years, ie..patients on ventilators, etc, I can say 100% that the reaction and coverage of Covid was very manipulative. I worked on a Covid unit for 6 months through the thick of it as well. Did we have people die? Sure did, but every single one of these patients had advanced age and frailty, or a multitude of other pre-existing conditions before Covid hit them. You always hear people say, “so and so was so healthy and then they got Covid and died”, but what you don’t realize is that half of the population in this country is obese, probably has some degree of sleep apnea, either diabetic or pre-diabetic and have a host of other conditions just waiting for an opportunistic virus to shwack them. Now when Covid came around, I said for healthy people this is a fairly mundane, but extremely contagious virus. What if someone engineered a virus just as contagious, but instead of affecting elderly, obese and infirm people, what if it affected healthy people, you would have one Hell of a chemical weapon to unleash. Perhaps Covid was a dry run.Show less

We are witnessing World War lll as humanity is under attack. Please speak loudly. To not speak is the same as sin and far too many dwell in sin as judgement is around the corner my friend.

Please pay close attention and speak loudly. It may cost you however life is worth it just as caring is sharing. If you are a christian always speak as unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

John 8:32

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