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“Why You Can’t Understand God”

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Mankind thinks highly of his intellect therefore he can’t wrap his mind around the concept of God. Like covid and those taking the untested bioweapon based on the narritieve of fear. The God of the bible can’t be understood or fit into the small box of the mind, therefore God is dismissed on the basis that the created can’t understand the creator and how vast the creator truly is.

Lean not on one’s own understanding but trust in Him in all ways. God is the creator of all that is; the God of the Bible. Stop thinking so highly of the intellect of man.


Millions have fallen for the CV19™ injection without any serious critical thinking while lacking faith, the one thing that pleases our Father. Covid flu has been a prime example of the overall stupidity of mankind and how easily led into ones own sickness, destruction and death. Outside of Jesus Christ mankind is fallen and destitute. In other words, outside of Christ, mankind is the walking dead.

Suffering From Fear

The military industrial, medical industrial, pharmaceutical industrial, financial industrial, educational industrial complex has done a brilliant job in controlling, depleting & enslaving the race while making trillions in the process. Sadly, the children are the real victims accepting 75 vaccines coupled with 12 years of government programming. Think about it. Enough Said…

John 8:32

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