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Fighting is everything. To understand tolerance you must understand the line of intolerance. We are living in a time when people cannot get enough of stupid and it’s amazing how they are so dumb, living for a fight, unfortunately, the wrong fight. All we can do is pray and walk away, because stupid can’t be fixed because they will drag you down to their level and beat with their own experience. Social media is a known cancer which easily infects and these people are sick.

Bring your pet to the vet for a sex change and you will be laughed at. Bring your child to a doctor for a sex change and the surgeons will line up to assist.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given us a president who forgets his name because the masses have forgotten His name. Too many christians are broke-back Rhino’s, wanta be Christians. We are living in a land of idiocy and complacency as we watch our nation being destroyed while those speaking truth are shunned, slandered, banned and sometimes killed by the dumb, blind, possessed & brainwashed.

Brokeback Christians

We are dealing with so many layers of evil, poisoning, deceit and mass indoctrination. The universities are the new killing fields for the mind of the youth as many continue to drink the covie kool-aid paying close attention to the vax industry as children continue to be lobotomized through government indoctrination. Convenience is the killer of humanity.

Why do we comply? Why do we conform like marching ants? The world will not be destroyed by evil but by those unwilling do stand against evil. The problem is most don’t recognize evil must less take a stand. Are you fed up yet? If so, stop complying, stop banning truth & speak loudly. Do not let the mass of idiots win over the young & dumb in the institutional Schools & Universities.

The critical thinkers are unwilling to continue funding fraud when not one penny goes to America or the US Treasury concerning federal tax. In fact, most taxes are clearly wasted in support of a president who can’t remember his own name along with a congress that is completely useless. As President Trump is hounded, sued, slandered & bashed for taking a stand and speaking loudly, the sheep continue doing business as usual.

Stop Funding Fraud

Unfortunately, most Christians refuse to do anything but remain silent. Like those accepting the covid bioweapon out of fear and loss of job and money. What an awful price to place on ones life. We are in a moral crisis in our Nation and few worship the creator God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ…

John 8:32

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