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Many people remain in the grasp of Normalcy Bias known as cognitive dissonance offering no protection in society. Recently, an older gentleman seriously programed in the military with a keen understanding in science, junk science, thought the CV19™ bioweapon was a great offering to naive volunteers. He went so far to boast how good Billy Gates was, displaying the ultimate programmed mind waiting on the next rollout of coming events compliments of the NWO. The re-education of society is working beautifully for the programmed sheep as displayed in Jupiter Ascending as the dismantling of America continues with less than a whimper.

Far too many military trained are anti Trump for a variety of reasons. The mind-washed are definitely ruining society unable to see the end of the road. Like doctors, nurses & school teachers, unless the narrative is closely followed the job will be lost. Stop, look & think.

It is disturbing to see men programmed at this level of intelligence, false intelligence. To succeed in society today one must be throughly programmed through a variety of narratives promoting fear. Once mystery viruses are successfully promoted bioweapons are available for the ultimate lobotomies of society. With public schools & universities requiring around 75 vaccines from birth to 18 years of age it’s no wonder the art of thinking is far gone.

The injure to kill injection with the CV19™ bioweapon is the most successful to date creating a society of stupidity where critical thinking is nonexistent. The agenda marches on riding this runaway course.

Nathan Reynolds

Men are forever learning and never able to come to the truth. All we’re seeing today is foretold in Scripture. Imagine that.

John 8:32

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