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“Naomi Wolf: From Prominent Liberal Intellectual to Lockdown Skeptic – What Happened Next Will Surprise You”

How can populations willingly embrace such propaganda, becoming nothing more than guinea pigs, accepting the CV19™ biological experiment without question.

At 3 years of age, I remember thinking that vaccines were hurting me and my peers and wondering why adults were being so cruel and thoughtless concerning them. As I grew, I watched the children in my school change suddenly after vaccinations. When I voiced my concerns I was told I had a vivid imagination and that the adults and the government were protecting me from bad disease while infecting us with major health issues causing long term medical effects. How insanely naive. Still didn’t believe them. Now I know why! If a child can tell they are being hurt by vaccines/medicines, why can’t adults? Social pressure? Conditioning? Gullibility? Stupidity?

Do they choose to not believe what their own bodies and good sense tell them? The truth is that we, as a society, are so afraid of dying that we are afraid to live, thus latching on to anything any FOOL tells us will prolong our lives and protect us from the inevitable. Therefore, most worship at the feet of medicine, physical fitness, home cures and super diets.

The bottom line is we are born dying. Life itself is a near death experience where doctors treat birth as a disease. The CV19™ coupled with newborn vaccines addresses clearly addresses the issue.

It is appointed once for man to die, then the judgement. So, it isn’t so important that we seek to prolong our lives here but rather to improve our behaviors and our treatment of one another, work on those things we will be judged for on our last day. Truly, it’s all about relations with Christ & His body.

Naomi Wolf

Today, 1 in 36 children in the U.S. (1 in 22 in California) is diagnosed with autism. The CDC has taken action by promoting April as “Autism Acceptance Month” from “Autism Awareness Month.” Acceptance means different things to different people. This term acceptance is unacceptable and far too many think there is no turning back. It’s all about newborn vaccines dummy. Change is hard for those bound up in cognitive dissonance.

The answer is that people have been gradually brainwashed to trust their doctors. Back in the day doctors were not revered as they are today. They’ve been elevated to a God-like status intentionally by the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex. Those that still think critically can see this as they have become glorified mechanics in white coats demanding respect. The more intelligent critical thinker clearly knows, half of what they know is all wrong. By the age of 18 schools demand all students receive 75 vaccines thus lobotomizing the student. Have you become aware yet?

Those who intimately know Jesus Christ are not afraid of dying. We simply want to feel good while we inhabit this earth. God gave those in relationship incredible strength and drive in order to help others. Outside of Christ, all get lost along the way. Those not living up to His expectations will be knocked down a few “pegs”. 

Few today are interested in Natural healing void of the ability to hear from the Lord or their own body. There’s nothing like the loss of health to get moving in another direction. So even though I didn’t totally give up my favorite hobbies Avoid all vaccines and learn how to heal outside of conventional “medicine”. Develop an obsession to learn about how the body works and read everything. Always allow God’s hand to guide and listen to your own body. Over time it will become clear and become easy.

Point people to Christ while educating people to what has been learned. Help others so they’re not Spiritually, physically & financially suffering. 

The Covid years should have opened minds about just how brainwashed people are and how they go to their graves because they trust their doctors instead of the wisdom God gave us all. It’s so true that you can give people wisdom but you can’t make them think. 

Life is a journey of learning and we all have a specific mission in this life. At the end of the day I just hope that God is pleased with what we’ve done with the gifts He gave to each of us.

John 8:32

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