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Welcome to a world of planned chaos where the naive are the true victim. Few today are aware of the planned agenda just as those embracing the covid flu taking the bioweapon are in lockstep with the plan going along with almost anything.

“Unsustainable: The UN’s Agenda For World Domination” is a thought-provoking documentary that challenges the notion of “sustainable development” and exposes the hidden plot orchestrated by the power elite and the United Nations. Directed by James Jaeger, the film argues that Agenda 21 is a war against individual freedoms and sovereignty, with globalists aiming to control all resources and people under a totalitarian World Government. Despite being dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the film shows how “sustainable development” is deeply embedded in numerous federal, state, and local government laws, policies, and documents.

Are You Aware?

The UN claims that “sustainable development” is part of the Environmental Movement’s plan to make the planet a safer, greener world, but others argue that it’s part of a larger agenda to control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, building projects, and human beings on the planet. This thought-provoking documentary will leave viewers questioning the true nature of Agenda 21 and the UN’s role in shaping our future.

Government is not the grantor of rights but was created to be the protector of rights. Today, government destroys rights in step with the globalist agenda. Rights are God given and few know what they are or can name or enforce them. Government is force outlawing guns & property rights. Unfortunately, it’s all about maintaining chaos, banning all truth & justice as the genecide continues. So much for life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness.

John 8:32

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