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The most intelligent & brightest are being deceived while unknowingly leading the masses into total devastation with no recourse or remedy concerning the dismal outcome after receiving the covid injections led by Jesuit Fauci and funded by the Gates Foundation worldwide.

Too many are listening to MSM owned and controlled by the CCP and the ruling elite. Corona is a naturally occurring virus causing few issues and very benign. We’re talking planned warfare using fear to manipulate whole populations. It’s a brilliantly conceived psyop. Covid has a 99.9% chance of survival as a virus which isn’t deadly and mask don’t work as clarified by Dr Lee Merrit MD.

Big Pharma produces vaccines making billions of dollars and without vaccines they go broke. If you have a simple treatment in your pocket the $69 billion industry goes broke along with Bill Gates. In other words, we’re paying the CCP and PLA to work in our bio-weapons laboratory. Viruses are all around us and inside us and always will be. We’ve always had inexpensive treatments for these. Everyone has trillions of viruses and bacteria living within at all times.

Americans are extremely naive and easily led by some of the most wicked and self serving living today. Forced medical treatment remains illegal. The covid injection is experimental biologics.

No animals have ever survived the mRNA injection that were experimented upon. This is the perfect weapon for controlled death and depopulation which is the agenda worldwide.

Force the military to take the covie injection and they will all eventually die. This is a dream come true for the CCP and the Joey Biden Administration.

Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin fully takes care of any covid virus. Patients are afraid to go to hospitals because the doctors are killing thousands. Jesuit Fauci has been killing millions while the doctors are making thousands, all paid for by Fauci, Birx & Gates. Crimes against humanity is the new normal.

The truth about the Covid 19 Injection from America’s Front Line Doctors with Integrity. Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, founder of the pro-hydroxychloroquine, anti-vaccine group America’s Frontline Doctors is a hero and champion of truth laced with integrity.

Dr Simone Gold “The truth about the COVID 19 vaccine”

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