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Most realize the 2020 election was rigged by the CCP with the aid of the Dem’s bought and paid for by the globalist and MSM. For decades Americans have fully embraced the Ten planks of Karl Marx. Those aware, realize we’re suffering under the Biden Regime and his Luciferian controllers. To comply with his agenda is to commit Suicide. Freedom is at great risk and some are awakening, so how do we restructure society?

Many options we thought were available seem to have expired. Trump was paralyzed by the swamp with the full support of MSM. The corporation vs the Republic, so how do we protect ourselves in going forward? Trump opened the door exposing the depth of the Luciferian DC corruption along with the Rhino’s and Dem’s involved. The evil is broad and deep and extremely satanic destroying life at every turn.

All rights come directly from God while government strives to take away rights and those rights are still in tact. Life is a gift from God. Actual consciousness is rare as most seem to be sleepwalking through life such as the soulless as few are awake and alive. Only God grants consciousness. Abortion is an affront to God. Very few have enough wisdom to understand this.

Consider the issue of cause and effect and its linear effect just as desired results take time. We’re dealing with weapons of mass distraction which are thieves of time. Only God grants consciousness and life which isn’t understood by science. It’s about life, consciousness and cause and effect. We are expressions of God our creator. Human freedom will win out in the end.

Most believe rights come from government and not God, like the CCP and the Dem’s. God alone sits above government while government creates bankrupt destruction. Governments come and go while the Bill of Rights and the Word Written never change. When everything collapses you still have your body, soul and spirit. If you have gold and silver you still have some assets. If you’ve corrected your status and standing, you now have your body which is the Lords which you’ve been given charge. If you’ve produced your land patent, you have control of some land which is also the Lord’s.

The primary right of free speech is from God. Any who engage in censorship are in fact serving satan, deception and destruction. The gift of self defense serves God just as only you own your body using the tools available today such as guns. You are responsible for the safety of your own body with rights given by God. Just as you own your body, you have the right to abuse your body if chosen under the right of freedom. Not everyone will choose a positive path.

Many churches today are promoting the covie kool-aid injection with product made from aborted baby tissues just as many pastors are eternally damed along with their flock who appear to be sleepwalking in godless fear. You have the right to say no to medical intervention such as masking and experimental fetal injections.

Fiat currencies are dishonest and satanic which we have today. Honest money is backed by gold and silver which is godlike. The corporations work for satan. God wants you to speak freely, right to self defense, the right to health freedom and right to honest money in return for your labor; honest work for honest pay without extortion which most pay. It’s up to us to work for these primary rights at all levels.

Freedom of speech is necessary, firearms for protection is vital, health freedom is major just as sound money without taxes on your labor. Financial succession from the fed, which is a private cartel, must become a reality for all states. It’s all about decentralized banking vs centralized which is Communism which we’ve had since 1913 and it’s creation at Jekyll Island, Georgia for those interested in financial truth.

Man has the right to freedom of speech, defense, health and sound money. It time to launch these systems by everyone getting involved. It’s all political theater and it’s up to each one of us to correct the agenda. Todays government works through coercion, intimidation, confiscation like the IRS and direct harm by locking you up, kidnapping and forced chemo. People are being medically kidnapped and only the people can change this through action.

Build the Infrastructure to future freedom using effective strategies. Stop the theft. The future of freedom is at stake and it’s up to everyone to protect this gift from God. Focus on what is positive and good to our Father’s Glory.

Everyone must pick a lane, right or left, good or bad, heaven or hell, truth or lies, life or death. We’re all in a Spiritual War between good and evil, God and Satan, life and death. Those that are called must awaken to unity in Christ Jesus.

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