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Are you prepared for this and what are you going to do about it? A war has come to the United States and it will happen in months not years. JJ Carrell a 24 year veteran of the Customs and Border Protection has uncovered the truth of what’s happening with Biden’s border invasion.

He explains how this war will start in black communities first, who are being crushed by the tyranny of illegal immigration. Chicago is where it’s coming to a head. Many cities across America will experience these events. Be Prepared!

Are You Prepared?

Do you really care as Truthers are being systematically shunned, silenced, banned, slandered and worse. As Pogo once said; I’ve met the enemy and he is us.

The woke sheeptards in libtardville are wholly responsible, including the vaxxed lost souls willing to fall for anything when fear is properly supported & promoted.

We The People must never forget what they did so support America, 3 of 7 and wear this T-shirt proudly.

Memoral Day Weekend

Never Forget…

John 8:32

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