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“It’s Psyop Gay Pride Propaganda Season”

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Can you believe it’s Gay Pride psyop season again? Do you have your Star of Moloch Support Israhell decorations? The sheep continue to ban, shun, harass, condemn, slander & kill all truthers in the name of love, peace & harmony.

This is a hard song to listen too, yet the rhino christians and naive intellectual libtards continue to show total disregard for the children that are forced to school where they are vaxxed and totally mind-washed for a miserable, sickly journey through life. Are they really that blind to what’s being done to the youth of society? Children are the future of America and they are being systematically destroyed thanks to boosted vaccines as the war on humanity continues as truth continues to be buried.

Gay Pride Season

Persecuted Canadian Doctor (Oncologist) William Makis returns to SGT Report to share some good news for those who have been damaged by the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA Bioweapon, there is treatment and hope – but there must also be justice and indictments of the criminals who pushed the death jab on humanity. So pray that God’s wrath be let loose upon the wizards of pharmakeia.

Wizards Of Pharmakeia

Maybe my friend, it’s time to wake up, stand up & speak up but first you must get educated which is not easy in a world of propaganda & psyop’s where the mind-washed possessed rule. America is the last hope for the world concerning this insane technology & CV19™. Only the true Christian, Speaking Loudly, who has not taken the mark will make a difference…

John 8:32

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