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Death by doctor is one big Jonestown event and is working successfully today. Patients can be euthanized which can take up to seven days with little evidence as to whats happening. Family members will often euthanize parents after taking control of a great deal of money. Often nursing homes are used to euthanize those unwanted along with hospitals and a cocktail of drugs properly combined for the task.

Dr Vernon Coleman does an excellent job explaining the entire process, agenda & protocol. Family members simply don’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of taking care of parents. For the young it’s all about organ harvesting for those in need.

Suicide By Doctor

As we enter the future this is going to be very common as the population is reduced to 500 million as the masses are deemed as little value so why not. Not to worry, they will come for you too so you may want to wake up because it’s all about saving money. Welcome to Death by Doctor which is happening worldwide…

John 8:32

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