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Are you a citizen of The United States (the country), or an asset of THE UNITED STATES (the corporation)? Do you know the difference? Listen to Ann Vandersteel, who recently renounced her corporate citizenship to become a sovereign State National of Florida. She will explain how and why she did this; what it means for her personally, financially, and spiritually; and how you can do it too.

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The Act of 1871. This is a deep and dense topic, but worth the effort to understand. It has to do with how the Law of the Sea (Maritime Law), from the days of sail, was used to create the system of laws and finance that the cabal in Europe is now attempting to leverage so they may institute a worldwide fascist NWO using internet technology and gene editing poisons to subvert human liberty globally. That is what globalism is to these villains. It’s been my suspicion for the last six years that THIS is the what Trump and the patriots are aiming to abolish. When you understand what the USA INC stuff is all about, Pelosi and the DS laundering foreign aid money to make themselves rich not only makes perfect sense but you’d be surprised if nobody was doing it. The temptation is simply too great for most people to resist. Fate only gives us so many men like Trump or Marcus Aurelius in each generation who can hold onto their principals in the face of a character test like this.

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