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A Lesson in Law vs Corporate Statutes with Ann Vandersteel, Bonnie Straight, Miki Klann 8-7-22

The Awakening Starts Here
In his lecture, David Straight gives his remarkable insight, knowledge, and accurate analysis of what is happening and what is to come!

Then watch the video series Out of Babylon – David Straight (8 videos) part 1

What can we do . . . . .
We claim our Birthright and take back our Republic
David is a former Intelligence Officer, Former County Sheriff Deputy, Former Presidential Task Force Agent, and has also been helping people succeed in court for over 30 years.
He is educating us on the fraud that was perpetrated on us, “We the People” when we were born. He is teaching us about the differences between a US citizen and state national of your birth state located at 8 USC 1101(a)(21). He is teaching us how to correct our status and take back our birthright.

Attend a Seminar

Learn to become an American State National *recommend
America’s Assembly out of Texas *recommend
America’s Assembly on Telegram (you will have to email them and ask for the link)

Bobby Lawrence is working with David Straight
Bobby Lawrence Telegram Group
Chat group ( you will have to ask for the link)
Ask to be added to your state Republic Group

David Straight on Telegram

Cestui Que Trust

The True Republic 1776
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