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Absolute Predestination is absolute and this man is correct concerning this one issue if Scripture is truly understood and it is a dark, evil, satanic issue. Let there be light because what is done in the dark cannot withstand the light. Yuval Noah Harari seeks global agreement on AI for transhumanism and the World Economic Forum.

Those that don’t know Christ are now hackable and are being hacked through godless fear with the support of Covid. The injections are not about health anymore than vaccines. It’s all about the bottom line and M&M’s. Money, murder & control. It’s about being chipped & controlled through gene editing known as Crisper.

We enslave ourselves and we now have the technology. Many are called yet few are chosen. 90% of humanity is useless and must be eliminated to create global slavery through surveillance. Welcome to Blackrock, self assembly hydrogel materials and gene editing going from micro to macro through biosynthesis. CV-19 is the bioweapon and the injected are the subjects. Don’t fill the AI Gap because gene editing changes you starting with the covie bioweapon. Covid is made up.

Stop being controlled by the lame stream media. Prepare for the greatest move of God. It’s going to be historic and exciting just as the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous, obedient and faithful. His wisdom is key. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. The world today is a den of thieves.

The danger of free will according to Yuval Noah Harari who is playing God desiring to splice and dice a new species with genetic engineered hydrogels through biosynthesis and AI robots. Who wants to be god merging with self replicating hydrogels and biology. We’re now at war.

Covid 19 is not a virus and it’s not a vaccine.

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