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Pro AI is the future for those desiring to replace humanity, creating the ultimate brain computer, eliminating freewill for all of mankind. We are moving from the normie wageslave to the controllable droid with the hacking of your DNA. Are you prepared & have you received your bio-weaponized CV19™ injection along with all the boosters ultimately eliminating freewill?

An Injectable Network

The development of neuroweapons is progressing beautifully with the aid and support of the invested eugenicist. This injectable network is now able to go into the brain, easily crossing the blood-brain barrier. This technology can easily wipe your brain of all memory or shut it down creating the walking dead.

Trillions are being poured into this effort called the brain initiative for the ultimate humanoid. Those surviving these injections loose all critical thinking and are easily controllable through self assembling genetically engineered hydrogels.

John 8:32

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