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Navy SEAL Team members are amazing folks, trained warriors & assassins with many capabilities. The beauty of Navy SEAL’s is they are taught to think critically on their feet. It was a genuine privilege and honor to be raised by a high ranking, intelligent SEAL Team member of 32 years, with a Duke Masters degree. Duke was one of 6 schools where time & money was spent; talk about a wasted youth. Wow!

Over the years many have been deluded & deceived into living in the spiritual, academic, scientific world of sorcery, sodomy & pharmakeia, following after many supernatural and material spirits unaware that the mind is enmity against Father God. After many have given their lives in the pursuit of money, houses, cars, boats, airplanes, jobs, degrees and position, some awaken, however the hour is usually too late as life has been spent.

Scripture is the guidebook of life however, one must be led by His Holy Spirit to truly gain understanding and few are given repentance. Without repentance, change is impossible.

Over the years it seems the church has lost the true meaning of scriptures that contain passages concerning words like “government”, “dominion” and “slavery” and have misinterpreted those words as referring to physical things and man made laws rather than spiritual things and God made laws. Therefore we cannot be free from man’s laws and temporal thinking if applying them to God’s Word. 

Study commentaries by sensible and godly men who have taken the time to dissect the Word and gain clarity in its meaning like the ones attached. Pray for discernment in doing so as even very godly men can be wrong, ungodly theologians can be downright deceitful.

Knowledge without understanding is dangerous, understanding without wisdom to apply it can be spiritually lethal, true wisdom only comes from God, by His Spirit, and is spiritually nurturing. We all should have the same teacher, The Holy Spirit, and therefore the same understanding.

That is why we MUST NOT lean on our own understanding lest we be deceived ourselves and become deceivers of others. Walk in The Spirit, not in the flesh. In fact, we must walk even as He (Christ) walked if we wish to be followers of His and joint heirs with Him. 

Chadd Wright

Nephilim, Giants, Angels & Humans!


Far too many become bound up in deception concerning Life, Liberty, Property & the pursuit of Happiness. As Klaus said, you will own nothing and be happy. The normie already owns nothing and is not too happy working life away unto death, divorced, alone, jobbed out, sickly and most miserable while raising children for the same journey.

Where Are The Men?

Navy SEAL and Ultra Runner, Chadd Wright shares with Andy Frisella, the creed that he lives by and why creating your own creed can help you become a better version of yourself. Be sure to subscribe to Chadd’s channel, 3 of 7 Project.

The foundation of Leadership is the ability to make decisions. I will never quit because if you quit, you are done. If knocked down I will get back up every single time. Always hold the Standard. You will never be done. The execution of my duties will be swift & efficient guided by the very principle I’ve sworn to uphold.

Navy SEAL Creed!

Navy SEAL Chadd Wright, turned elite ultra-runner who served his country on multiple deployments for over a decade. Chadd is a man full of wisdom and experience with an unrivaled passion for helping people become the absolute best version of themselves.

In this episode, we reveal the antidote to loneliness and hopelessness, break down what a real community looks like, and unpack how courage is the one thing you need to reach your goals. Chadd shares how the “One Mile Out” mindset helped him finish Cocodona 250 – a 250-mile ultra marathon through the rugged Arizona desert. Enjoy!

The Cure

Are you prepared for the Storm because it is coming. Have you prepared for your family & friends? Are you mentally sharp?


Think about it, the wisdom of the world will kill while Father’s Wisdom is the only Salvation in this very short life if desired, otherwise as stated in the book; “To live is Christ, To die is Profit”…

John 8:32

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