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The Treasure that is women. We live in a confused society where men are no longer men and so on. The public/government school system like the industrial church has done its job creating this out of balance society otherwise known as a Corportacracy.

Like the Military Industrial Complex, Medical Industrial Complex, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, the Political Industrial Complex, the Corportacracy continues to develop and the masses appear to be clueless as business continues as usual.

Just The Truth

In America, truth is banned, shunned, slandered and lies continue to prevail and few have the ability to discern what is and what isn’t. Like the planned CV19™ bioweapon creating a massive number of symptoms, few are waking up as billions are being made. One may think the ability to critically think has ceased to exist. Truthers be forever banned and permanently shammed. Welcome the new American Way…

John 8:32

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