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This is difficult to grasp just as Cognitive Dissonance is vast for most today. Scripture clearly states: “Man’s heart is wicked above all things, who can know it saith the Lord” Please understand, 8 million children go missing annually, that’s thousands daily; where do they go? Think about it and get busy! What will you do?

Youtube does not allow this information just as truth is daily removed. Thank God for Trump who is exposing all of this and soon, by God’s Grace, the public will know.

To repeat, Eight million children are stollen annually worldwide for tortured harvesting. Just under one million go missing in America alone. This is a billion dollar industry while the masses worldwide are drinking the Covie Kool-aid and foolishly concerned about facial appearance in anticipation, waiting for the next vaccine, totally self-absorbed; us four, no more, thank you Lord, shut the door. The awakening is now and for the vac crowd it will be a rude awakening.

Actress Blake Lively delivered a powerful speech in 2017. More than three years later, on June 22, 2020 Dutch Federal Police raided two underground prisons that were built to carry out the horrors Lively described, while live streaming the atrocities to the dark web. Pedophiles exchange more than 30 million files (images and videos) every single day, globally. The world must know.

Sometimes we forget that people are new to topics like QAnon, Adrenochrome and Satanism. The issue that child trafficking and human trafficking is deeply connected with this and is more widespread than we can imagine.

A CHILD’S VOICE (must see)

Adrenochrome can be described as the ”Elite Drug” because the super rich and wealthy can afford this extremely mystical drug.

Adrenochrome is supposed to give the user an immense high while slowing the aging process.This is why the substance is so popular in Hollywood with the celebrities, while some don’t seem to age.

Adrenochrome extraction is horrific involving torturing children in ways you and I cannot imagine and probably shouldn’t for our own mental well being.

Demons and evil spirits work through the people performing these rituals. There is a spiritual war going on between the heavenly forces of good and evil. The Illuminati is here to destroy humanity and push their satanic agenda.

Donald Trump is fighting the Deep state and is currently engaging the military in secret operations to take down the cabal and their satanic agenda.

Is the Coronavirus Plandemic a way of retaliation from the Deep State, or is COVID19 under the control of the white hats which is being used to destroy the New World Order?

THE TIME IS NOW–childtrafficking–adrenochrome–savethechildren:d

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