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Eight million children are stollen annually worldwide for tortured harvesting. Just under one million go missing in America alone. This is a billion dollar industry while the masses worldwide are drinking the Covie Kool-aid and foolishly concerned about facial appearance while totally self-absorbed; us four, no more, thank you Lord, shut the door. 

Jupiter Ascending is an excellent futuristic movie reveling what is going on with human harvesting. Many excellent points are made from interesting perspectives from cradle to grave and Steve Mnuchin made millions while exposing a great deal of truth. Steven Terner Mnuchin is an American investment banker, movie producer, and public official who is serving as the 77th United States secretary of the treasury. Previously, Mnuchin had been a hedge fund manager and investor. Steve is a very smart man. 

Daily we meet folks who think they are so very intelligent and excellent researchers that are totally bound in their solipsistic paradigm of loneliness, faithlessness and fearfulness. In fact, some will tell you how smart they are.  More than ever we need truth combined with integrity. The current leadership is the first in history to expose child harvesting and corruption worldwide. Never in American history has a greater man held such a position exposing the American corporation. For the first time in history the current leadership is actually allowing and supporting those awake. Of course, all of this hinges on the correct education rarely found in the public.

Your future, your Childrens future, depends on you and what action you will take clearly understanding the difference between mind washing, programming and genuine education. For too many truth is hiding in plain sight. It’s your job to awaken and push back against evil, destructive, satanic, wicked enslavement through intelligent education by supporting exceptional leadership wherever found. 

JFK was the last president to push back against fraud with bill 11110 producing United States Notes and was quickly removed and few are even aware of his effort. Today, we’ve been given another opportunity to stand against outright Marxism and insane socialism which has never worked. In fact, I will never forget being in West Germany the day the wall came down. What an event. The contrast between east and west Germany will forever be etched in my mind. Of course, history often repeats itself unless the intelligent stand, proclaiming truth. 

The question is, are you aware enough to take a stand and will you educate your family and friends along with those you daily meet? It’s never easy but well worth the effort for the children, our most Prescious gifts from our Father God. 

A Child’s Voice

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