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Those embracing the covid agenda while volunteering for the bio-weapon causing life changing events are slowly awakening while most of the attendees simply power through. The issues caused by the covid flu injection of modified RNA are slowly coming to light while creating a docile society through DNA manipulation.

Now that eugenics has been exposed as children continue to be sacrificed to the Moloch god, some are awakening. Unfortunately, truth continues to be banned, shunned, slandered & buried as the Luciferian agenda continues its work.

When under pressure changes occur both good & bad. Those able to critically think which are few and far between marches onward. It’s time to get rid of the death contracts on life. It’s time to awaken and get busy teaching critical creative thinking to our youth. It’s time for change. Maybe, its time to stop banning truth. Stop living in fear driven by intimidation.

Dr David Martin

Hatred breeds hatred, breeds hatred and more hatred…… The evil one is the author of all hatred. He hates Jehovah God and all that He stands for and all that He created.

This hatred between Israel and the Philistines goes back millennium and carries on today. It is older than the incident recorded in scripture telling of  a teenage prophet, priest and king, David, and a nephillium named Goliath squared off over name calling. The giant, seething with hate, stood in a valley with his enormous spear and sword trashing Israel and its God and challenged the whole nation to come and fight him. David alone accepted that challenge, not for himself, but rather to defend the NAME Goliath railed against. Many years later The ONE who bore that name above names, the ultimate prophet, priest and king, won a much greater battle when He took all of the hatred that ever existed among mankind to a cross and proclaimed “Father forgive them”! May we not crucify Him all over again by picking hatred back up again after it has been defeated. No matter which side of this debate over the present day happenings in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine or China gives us license to hate and defame one another.

There is one Judge and one accuser, both jobs are taken and we are not qualified for either! Bless those who curse you, love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you and despitefully use you. Those commandments did not come from any man but from the One who bears the Name Of All Names and is the ultimate Prophet, Priest and King, The One who will judge all of the earth. To carry hatred is to disavow allegiance to Him and align with the one who seeks to kill, steal and destroy. With that said, pick a side. There are only two to choose from.

Many of today’s believers are like the guy who said the first thing he did when he got to work was hide. He heard a good worker is hard to find. Soon the earth will be harvested. What will the Lord find us doing when He arrives to reap?

Angels & Demons

May The Lord raise up his army!

John 8:32

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