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“The Weaponization Of The Dollar”

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James Tracy discusses our crumbling system which was long ago hijacked by the Zionist Rothschild bankers and their fiat death machine. It’a time to opt OUT of the evil. Thanks for taking action within your part of the world.

Welcome to lawlessness in the cities and the steeling of anything not nailed down while going green along with allowing millions of aliens to freely come across the border. America has become the greatest of hypocritical nations. We’re going green with little more than a whimper.

Opt Out Of Evil

This is too stupid to be stupid and the majority are clueless. Sadly, the school system along with the universities are unaware of being unaware. Are you paying attention yet? Why are Americans such idiots as evidenced with the covid experiment employing many bio-weapons? Are you getting out of the system or boasting how wonderfully good it is, by jobbing out your children to the beast system where you own noting and naively think you are happy as Klaus Schwab once shared?

Silver Manipulation

After Bart Chilton gave this talk he was found dead; imagine that…Freedom is not free just as truth always cost.

Property Rights

Remember, you have the right to Life, Liberty, Property & the Pursuit of Happiness but only if you can keep & enforce them. Wait; do you know your rights? Most citizens, which are subjects, only understand privilege, which are not rights…

John 8:32

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