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Why do good folks register with the U.S. Corporation starting with Newborn children? Why make newborns Taxable, Draft-able, Innocuable, Institutional & Jailable? Children are out most precious gifts and most job them out to be institutionally socialized, programmed & mind-washed. Remember, JOB stands for jump out of bed or just over broke, all by design. In old age, the masses don’t understand, they don’t even own their children, body, land, homes, cars, et al.

Rules To Follow

Justice delayed is no Justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. Live in honor if at all possible. Jesus didn’t like lawyers because they pervert the truth. When lawyers are involved the only winners are the lawyers.

Follow The Rules

The masses pay taxes they don’t owe on property, if registered, they don’t own. The same applies to ones body along with anything registered & numbered. The character of people who shoot you down, ban you, shun and slander you don’t value truth…

The Justice Revolution

Learn Law & money, how it’s created and controlled. Above all, learn the Truth starting with Jesus Christ rarely taught today. The forces bidding for ones soul today are unchartable. Rarely is truth allowed.

Every case follows the same steps. Starting party alleges facts and law. Defending party denies those facts and law. They argue about the law. They fight over the evidence. The side with the law and best evidence wins.

Dr. Fredrick Graves explains how every case proceeds this same way. Civil or Criminal … no exceptions! Step-by-step. One step at a time. Simple steps that are easy to learn. Winning is easy … step-by-step! Force judges to follow the law. Force lawyers to obey the rules. Win your case!

Always promote peace and prosperity through public understanding of American Justice, The Rule of Law and the principles and practices of Due Process that belong to all of us. If you desire freedom, Remember, Freedom is not free…

John 8:32

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