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As the Zionist captured western governments and NATO continue to play a winner takes all game of suicidal chess with Russia, Harley Schlanger discusses the dire warnings from Russia’s top military officials about a nuclear response.

When Delusion Morphs into Lunacy: ‘Permanent War’ Backers Push Mankind to Brink of WWIII. As General Smedley Butler wrote years ago: War Is A Racket and great for profit in a Corporatocracy which rules today while the masses are totally unaware in their daily business as usual lifestyle.

Endless Gaslighting

This is a very important broadcast. Dr. Robert Young and blood analysis expert Caroline Mansfield join me to discuss the incredible blood and urine test results which prove that MasterPeace is saving lives by removing heavy metals like aluminum, micro-plastics & graphene from the bodies of those who take it. Young says, “You should be taking it every day as long as they’re running their extermination program.”

Mass Indoctrination

When Will God Judge The United States? Our Father God is turning people over to a reprobate mind along with the CV19™ bio-weapon in line with human nature.

The entire school system is designed to produce through replication useful idiots knowing little about life and what it takes to live a full life. If Christ is not the cornerstone the result is a life lived for the material world and self. Couple that will 75 vaccines and 12 long years of daily programming and a lobotomized, controllable, compliant useful idiot has been crafted. Sadly, the church is in lockstep with the world, operating as a 501(c)3 corporation designed for corporate fictions known as US Citizens.


As many are punished for doing what is right by being shunned, banned, slandered & killed, the reprobate mind is at work. Those with a reprobate mind have chosen damnation. Read Romans chapter 1 as we witness the wrath of God as we should. Speak Loudly and always embrace the Truth to His Glory alone.

John 8:32

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