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Few understand they’re operating as corporate fictions needing a lawyer when dealing with any legal issue. Any issue with a number is a corporation just as all corporations are fictions. Even fewer understand their rights. America is operating in a defacto system when we should be operating in a dejure system known as a republic.

Correction of status & standing is imperative to be truly free. Life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness is every man’s right, yet few can name their rights. Freedom is not free and must be fought for. Anything registered is given away from child to plane, becoming federal property which all statutes apply. Study to show thyself approved a workman of God rightly dividing every word of truth.

Come out of her my people. Wake up and correct your position in Christ Jesus. Todays church is a 501(c)3 state run corporation for corporate fictions. Anything or anyone with a number is a corporation which is a fiction in our defacto legal system where all slaves file taxes according to the will of the state which the masses serve.

As Rothschild once said: of the few that understand, they won’t care while the masses being unable to understand won’t care either, leading to their own enslavement and death. Most slave right up to death, never knowing they don’t even own their own boday. How truly sad and it’s all written in Scripture.

Today we have CV19™ promoted via fear by China and those well financed leading the charge of genecide while producing billons for the investors. How evil is that?

Remember, who runs the world and those outside of Christ have no hope, wisdom, covering, security or promise concerning eternity including life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Everything they work for is wood, hay & stubble and all will burn except that which is done for Christ Jesus Yashua. The masses live for today while those of Faith live for eternity…

John 8:32

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